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Libretto HR Compliance
Libretto is the most comprehensive and least expensive way to evaluate and solve your HR vulnerabilities and get your HR administration under control. In just minutes you are on your way to simply and effectively managing HR, instead of letting it manage you.
Libretto helps you:
  • Reduce the risk of fines and lawsuits
  • Save time looking for forms and information
  • Improve employee morale and communications
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How does Libretto do it?
In 3 easy steps, your HR frustrations are over! Libretto helps your company effectively manage HR by giving you the answers you need when you need them.

Through a series of simple questions you complete online, the Libretto HR assessment leads you through over 100 critical HR topics to reveal your company's unique areas of risk.

Libretto automatically combines your responses with information about your company including number of employees, company location and other relevant factors. The result is a comprehensive, prioritized To Do list with detailed recommendations that highlight your company's specific HR needs.

Next, Libretto helps you resolve your unique HR issues with easy-to-use solutions with over 300 forms, policies, procedures and checklists are included with Libretto. Also, we'll notify you when a form has been updated so you always have up to date information.
A one-year subscription to Libretto, including all the recommendations, forms and updates is only $399.00.
From staffing and hiring to COBRA, FLSA and FMLA, Libretto helps you move beyond merely dealing with HR paperwork to building solid employment practices that effectively reduce your company's employment risks. In less time and with less money than it's taking you today!
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