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Employee Handbook
Handbook Express - now available as a PC download!
Handbook Express - $99.95 Handbook Express™ will create a complete employee handbook for your company in a fraction of the time it would take to create one yourself for only $99.95.

What Sections are Included?

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Handbook Express features:
  • Federal and State compliant content*
  • Human Resources best practices
  • Customized "Employee Acknowledgment" form
  • PC compatability
This interactive program guides you through creating a customized handbook that's perfect for your organization in 3 easy steps:
  • Fill out the form that pops up with choices about your handbook
  • Click "OK"

    Handbook Express will generate your employee handbook quickly and automatically. The document will then be saved as a familiar Microsoft Word file.
  • Edit the welcome letter
  • Add company specific policies

    Handbook Express will give you helpful hints on how to develop a personalized welcome letter. It also allows you easily to add any policies that are specific to your company.
  • Add/Edit any state specific policies
  • Distribute your new handbook

    Handbook Express includes simple summaries for each state to make your handbook compliant with regulations specific to your state. Then simply distribute the handbook to your staff. Handbook Express even includes a rollout plan in case you've never done this before.
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* Handbook Express is a tool to assist you with HR policies and procedures but does not relieve your company of its liability for implementing policies correctly. Please review Agent 77's terms and conditions and consult with your legal counsel before distributing the handbook if you have questions in this regard.
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